You're trapped, and the only way out is behind those blocks! Push tetrominos to clear a path to the exit and escape the room. This game fuses sliding block puzzles with the classic block-based line-clearing game for a brand new challenge.

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Release date: May 13th, 2022 Current version: 1.0.1

Creation, design, development: Zachary Yaro

Art: Zachary Yaro

Sound: Breviceps (CC0), Leszek_Szary (CC0), Link-Boy (CC0), and Zachary Yaro

Libraries & references: Controller.js, Freesound.org, Hammer.js, Material Design, MaterialZ, and Erik Möller and Paul Irish's requestAnimationFrame polyfill

Testing: Andrew Martin, Ashley Smith, Denis Yaro, DEX, Ethan Yaro, Kyle Flores, Marjorie Yaro, and Taylor V. Braun

Inspiration: Sokoban, Tetris, and various escape room series

Morale: Coffee Benjamin “Bean” Braun and Soba Noodle Braun